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Largest Territories in the Industry

HomeTeam calculates territory size based on the number of owner occupied homes in a given area, rather than by population or rooftops. This method empowers our owners with a much higher market potential.

HomeTeam's large territories have an average of over 600 Real Estate Agencies that support the development of multiple teams to give our owners the potential to generate high revenue.

Sales and marketing efforts enable owners to scale their business to meet the strong demand for HomeTeam. Most HomeTeam territories support between three and five teams.

Fully Protected Territories

HomeTeam wants all owners to be dominant in their territories. To do this effectively, we protect all of our owners' territories by the zip code of the REALTOR's agency. This allows HomeTeam to powerfully market their business while maintaining strong partnerships with their neighboring HomeTeam owners.

Freedom to Purchase Additional Territories as Your Market Share Grows

Small Territories
Up to 50,000 Owner Occupied Homes

Medium Territories
Up to 100,000 Owner Occupied Homes

Large Territories
Up to 150,000 Owner Occupied Homes

As HomeTeam owners' market share grows, owners can then purchase additional zip codes or territories yielding virtually unlimited growth.

"This business model is virtually unlimited. You can keep building teams and then buy additional territory. You can grow as much as you want to."

Brian O'Rear, Louisville, KY