Request More Information Request More Info

Enter your information and a HomeTeam Franchise Development Specialist will contact you with basic information as well as a request to schedule a call at a mutually convenient time.

Schedule a Call(s) 800-598-5927

Schedule a call and speak with a HomeTeam Franchise Development Specialist to learn about HomeTeam's vision and goals. Your representative will overview the vision of the brand, outline the traits HomeTeam is looking for in a partner and spend as much times as is necessary to answer all of your detailed questions. This step in the process is usually complete in two calls.

Territory Map & Validation

Next, HomeTeam will create a detailed Territory Map for you, which includes the number of "Owner-Occupied Homes" segmented out by zip codes. HomeTeam will also provide for you a list of owners to talk with to learn about their experiences with HomeTeam and in their individual markets.

Discover HomeTeam

As you work with HomeTeam on your Territory Map and Validate the opportunity with other owners, HomeTeam will invite you to Cincinnati for a Discover HomeTeam event. Here you will meet the owner personally, receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and receive a detailed market potential of your proposed territory.


After visiting Executive Headquarters, both you and HomeTeam will finalize the process of discernment. During this period of time, your representative will be available for any questions regarding your visit, your territory and the FDD.

Sign Agreement

If both parties are in agreement, HomeTeam will send you a contract and award you with a franchise. These contracts are usually sent via "Docusign" and can be electronically executed along with two pages that need to be printed and notarized. HomeTeam will then countersign the contract and the owner of HomeTeam will call to begin our partnership.