The Team

Paul D. Spires, Jr.
Owner and Founder

Paul Spires is the owner and founder of HomeTeam Inspection Service. Paul personally takes the time to meet each new prospective owner and share his vision for the company. He still believes in the power of a man's word and the importance of a handshake.

Adam Long

Adam Long is the President of HomeTeam. Adam has an extensive technology background and ensures that HomeTeam is continuously the industry leader in all aspects of technology and operations.

Buddy Stark
Director of Operations

Buddy Stark is the Director of Operations. Buddy and his team work closely with new owners to develop and execute the most effective plan for rapid growth and high revenue.

Matt Cook
Franchise Development Manager

Matt Cook is the Franchise Development Manager. Matt works with all prospective owners to share the vision of HomeTeam and ensure that a partnership with HomeTeam will be mutually beneficial.

The Support

Sara Pettit

James Steffen

Shannon Keeney

Chris Zimmerman

Jerry Butterworth

Kati Mootz

Taylor Martin

Krista Rice
Front Office