Here at HomeTeam, we don't offer anything but the best service in the industry, and that mentality translates directly to the ongoing support that you will receive as you build your business.  Our premier franchise support staff will have one focus at all times, your success! 


Our support staff hails from many different backgrounds, but all of them bring a unique perspective to your startup and success. From international tech giants and large corporations to CPA firms and small startups, but the key is that most of them have owned or currently own their own business. 

Your Team

Adam Long

Adam Long is the President of HomeTeam.  He has been with HomeTeam for over 15 years and has an extensive technology background.  Adam is a results-oriented leader that implements the strategic vision for HomeTeam. He is committed to the growth of the company and focuses his efforts on developing new opportunities and strengthening relationships with regional and national partners.

Buddy Stark

Buddy Stark is our Director of Operations.  He came to HomeTeam as a top-producing Industrial Sales Manager for a large international firm. Buddy applies his experience daily as he works closely with new owners to help ensure they are prepared to start their business as quickly as possible.  His duties include  training new owners, planning, and executing our day-to-day operations.  Buddy quickly becomes a great resource for new HomeTeam owners.

Matt Cook

Matt Cook is the Franchise Development Manager.  His background is primarily in regional sales management and it shows in the way that he continuously tries to build up new owners daily.  Matt works around the clock to ensure that our franchise candidates get all of the information they need prior to partnering with HomeTeam.   Matt also helps new owners with business plans, financing options, and territory setup.  

James Steffen

James Steffen takes care of all things IT.  James comes from a background immersed in small business, while also having previously worked for one of the largest technology companies in the world.  His vast knowledge in tech allows our owners to easily stay on top of new systems and developments, making them more efficient every day.

Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman supports the franchisees and helps ensure that they are operationally sound at all times.  Chris has a strong background in sales, budgeting, and developing business plans.  He also has an immense amount of experience in staffing which allows him to cater to nearly every small-business need. 

Sara Pettit

Sara Pettit is in charge of Franchise Legal Support.  While owning her own businesses, Sara also operates as legal support to all franchises within our family.  Her business experience, in conjunction with her legal experience, is an incredible value-add when starting your own franchise.  Liability is something that we often discuss, but never have an issue with thanks to Sara.

Taylor Martin

Taylor is the Brand Manager for HomeTeam.  For the last several years, Taylor was an integral piece to the success of our brandnow, she's in charge of it.  Taylor has a degree in Marketing and Visual Communication Design from Northern Kentucky University and looks forward to helping our Franchisees absolutely dominate the home inspection industry.

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