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    The premium brand
    in home inspections.

    Fast Start-up
    No Office Space Required.

    Training & Licensing.

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  • 2016 All-Star Owner
    Franchise of the Year
    More than 750 positive reviews

    Brian O'Rear's Team in Louisville, KY

    "In the 14 years I've been selling real estate, I've not worked with a more professional group of inspectors than HomeTeam"

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    No Industry Experience Required

    Real-Time Inspection Support

    Professional Sales Training

    Powerful Mentoring

Unique Opportunity

HomeTeam is the only
home inspection company
with the TEAM concept.

Proprietary TEAM training
teaches you how to have the
edge to dominate your

For nearly a quarter of a
century, the unique TEAM
concept still cannot be

The Team

The TEAM is a high-
demand, premium product
giving you substantial
control over pricing.

Your investment is
protected with Teams. You
now have the freedom of
time and a viable business
to sell at retirement.

Your large territory is up
to 150,000 owner-
occupied homes — giving
you the capacity to utilize
multiple teams.

  • I got out of the corporate world and put myself in control of my own destiny. You are responsible for your own success.

    - Ray Fonos, Homestead, PA

  • HomeTeam gives you a unique selling proposition unmatched in this industry and other franchises. The home office gives you the support to dominate.

    - Drew Branyon, Winston-Salem, NC

  • I have my own show. I don't have to worry about how a corporation affects my job. I have a confidence that I have built a business that sustains me and create a firm foundation for myself and my family.

    - Ed Roberson, Raleigh, NC

Territories available in every state and Canada Largest territories in the industry Territories average more than 600 real estate agencies HomeTeam's large territories support 3-5 teams Protected territories

HomeTeam Territories

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