HomeTeam Inspection Service Debuts New Location in North Orlando, FL
Owners Bruce & Barbara White

HomeTeam Inspection Service Debuts New Location in North Orlando, FL

Milford, OH – For over 30 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States, and is proud to debut its newest location in North Orlando, FL.

Owners Bruce & Barbara White have a combined 16 years of service in the military. Bruce served in the Navy for 10 years, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and was a Chiller Plant Operator for a local utility company. He was stationed in Italy, the Middle East, and several locations throughout the US and completed two world cruises. Barbara served in the Army for 6 years and a career in Medical Billing & Coding. She was stationed in Germany and several locations throughout the US. They both served in Dessert Storm.

Bruce always had a passion for maintaining things and ensuring that they operate correctly. This passion fueled his military, education and career path. It also drew Bruce and Barbara to the home inspection industry. When asked why they joined HomeTeam Bruce & Barbara stated “On our first visit, the staff made us feel like family. We felt that this is where we need to be.”

Bruce and Barbara used systems and procedures throughout their military and civilian careers. This understanding is critical for training their teams of inspectors to be thorough and efficient. Bruce and Barbara will embrace building relationships within the real estate community. We are very privileged to have them on our team says Buddy Stark, Director of Operations of HomeTeam Inspection Service

When Bruce & Barbara are not working they are involved with their local church and a lot of volunteering. Barbara enjoys reading, volunteering & traveling. Bruce enjoys sporting events, traveling & family time.

About HomeTeam

For over 30 years, HomeTeam has taken great pride in being Fast, Trusted and Accurate. HomeTeam Inspection Service brings a TEAM of inspectors on site, so inspections are faster and more efficient than traditional one-man operations and utilizes the leading technology in the industry to perform inspections. For information on franchise opportunities with HomeTeam Inspection Service, call (800) 598-5297 or visit hometeamfranchise.com.