HomeTeam Inspection Service Debuts New Location in North Washington D.C
Ronald Mitchell, Owner of HomeTeam North Washington DC

HomeTeam Inspection Service Debuts New Location in North Washington D.C

Milford, OH – For over 30 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States, and is proud to debut its newest location in North Washington, D.C.

Owner Roland Mitchell was born in Germany but grew up in the United States as his dad was in the military when he was born. He lived in Nebraska from the age of 4 until he left to attend college at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. There he majored in Industrial Technology and Manufacturing and played various sports including volleyball, and soccer. After graduation, Roland joined the United States Air Force.

Roland served 20 years in the United States Air Force and retired in June of 2018. His primary specialty was navigation and instruction, but for six years he served as a Joint Plans and Operations Officer and supervised officers and civilians in all four branches of the military and various government agencies. He flew over 2,500 flight hours and achieved a final rating of Master Navigator. Other roles he held included Chief of Safety, Instructor Navigator, Courseware Manager, Joint Air Planner, Crew Resource Management Facilitator, Operations Supervisor, and Mission Planner.

When asked why he chose HomeTeam and the home inspection industry, Roland said, “My skills seem to transfer well since I have engaged in minor home renovations, dabbled in home design, inspected my unit facilities for safety violations, inspected my station and other parts of the aircraft prior to every flight, and practiced attention to detail as a navigator instructor.”

“Roland’s extensive background serving in the military, along with his outgoing personality, personal interests and great attention to detail will lead him to success in the home inspection industry,” stated Adam Long, President of HomeTeam Inspection Service.

Roland is married to his wife Sarah. In his free time, you can find him playing ultimate Frisbee, traveling, attending car shows, doing amateur woodworking and working on home renovations.

About HomeTeam

For more than 30 years, HomeTeam has taken great pride in being Fast, Trusted and Accurate. HomeTeam Inspection Service brings a TEAM of inspectors on site, so inspections are faster and more efficient than traditional one-man operations and utilizes the leading technology in the industry to perform inspections. For information on franchise opportunities with HomeTeam Inspection Service, call (800) 598-5297 or visit hometeamfranchise.com.