New HomeTeam Franchise Announced in Macon, GA
James & Susan Hyde

New HomeTeam Franchise Announced in Macon, GA

Milford, OH – For over 30 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States and is excited to name a new location opening in Macon, GA.

Introducing new owners, James and Susan Hyde. This husband and wife duo are ready to become business owners and serve their community with quality inspections!

James has had many different jobs over the years, the first being a police officer. After retiring from the force, he assisted a professional photographer in designing and building the first portable digital photography system that used photo paper and the RA4 chemical process. From there, he went on to build the broadcast systems used in the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Following the Olympics, he entered his career in information technology (IT), working as the director of IT for Chick-fil-A, Rollins, Inc., and Georgia’s sixth largest private school system.

Susan has had a plethora of careers as well. She’s a former business owner who ran a company that cleaned new homes for builders. Susan also worked for Mattel as a sales representative, Gainer Medical as an assembly technician, and Ford Motor Co. in its parts division. But her most important job is being a mother and wife—a jack of all trades!

After researching various franchise opportunities, James and Susan selected HomeTeam because of the immense support offered by the corporate office and its great reputation as a leader in the home inspection industry.

James liked the stability of being in a field that’s always needed. Real estate transactions are an important part of the economy.

“I’ve seen too many people get taken advantage of after purchasing homes with hidden problems and then having to spend lots of money on repairs. I want to help with this,” adds Susan.

With all of James’ experiences, he’s had plenty of memorable moments. He sat on a plane beside LA Dodgers manager, Tommy Lasorda during the 1994 baseball strike. James was also the emcee the night Christian music signer, Amy Grant, gave her first encore performance. One of Susan’s most memorable experiences was moving from the East coast to California and Oregon.

Locally, James and Susan are involved in Rock Springs Church and Impact Ministries helping homeless people. James and Susan enjoy traveling and listening to music—from bluegrass festivals to the symphony to concert events to bands in their neighborhood pub—they enjoy it all.

You can find Susan dancing, crafting, cooking, and enjoying family in her free time.

We wish James and Susan the best as they embark on their HomeTeam journey together!

About HomeTeam:

HomeTeam Inspection Service brings a TEAM of inspectors on site, so inspections are faster and more efficient than traditional one-man operations and utilize the leading technology in the industry to perform inspections. For information on franchise opportunities with HomeTeam Inspection Service, call 800.598.5297 or visit